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wants to promote and expand the ideal of its logo to spread more
Conscience of Light in the new millennium, on your world and on Earth.
With its logo and its white and gold collections,
Wave of Light wishes that Inner Light quivers in every one of us.
Wave of Light, surrounding you with its special articles, wants to offer you
rainbows, warmth, revealing dreams, scents and Light in every moment
to remember you of Your Bright Harmony.

This is the meaning of the Logo:

the Circle is the symbol of God and Perfection.
The Spiral is the symbol of Information and Path toward Freedom.
The Three Waves mean past-present-future: the Holy Energy in motion.
White is the colour of the New Beginning
and Gold the colour of the Divine Love and the Self.
Together are the colour of Initiation.

Our logo is protected by copyright
and is applied on all Wave of Light articles.
It is manually reproduced on all the tissue articles of the collection,
on buckles and on all papers that come with our products.

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